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About The Book

Dee Taylor-Jolley and Dr. Willie Jolley

Why is it that 40% – 50% of marriages in Western cultures fail? Why is it that a couple can start out happy, but end up hating each other?  

What are the secrets that long time, happily married couples have discovered that have allowed them to withstand the test of time?

Dr. Willie Jolley and Dee Taylor-Jolley have withstood the test of time. They have been married for over 32 years and have not had an argument in over 30 years. That doesn’t mean that they never argued. The first two years were tough, but they learned some secrets that have helped them go from arguing to loving! Today they work together; play together, and along the way, they have learned how to stay together.

In this book, entitled, Make Love, Make Money, Make It Last!, The Jolleys share secrets they have learned personally, as well as secrets from others who they have interviewed. Some of these couples have been happily married for over 30, 40, 50 and even 60 years!

If you want a happy, long lasting love relationship, Willie and Dee recommend you read this book. In fact, they recommend you get a copy for every couple you know. Remember, you become who you hang out with! And if they are not happily married, this book of straightforward ideas and practices will get them moving in the right direction. And for your friends, who are already happily married, this book will enrich their relationships and yours as well.


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